Have you ever thought of visiting The Yellowstone Park? And if you did, have you made your dream come true? In case you have no idea about what we are talking about, let us clear your mind! This place was established in 1872 and is the world’s first national park, where you can find many endangered species, but also a special place for fishing or you can go simply to admire the nature in its entire splendor.

In 1874 it was allowed the surfing of the boats on Lake Yellowstone, and in 1916 it was founded the Service of National Park. With an area of 2.2 million acres, Yellowstone Park is on the border between the state of Wyoming and Montana and Idaho. It is crossed by the river from which it took its name, the river that forms here the Grand Lake called Yellowstone.

Since its establishment and until today, Yellowstone Park has undergone many changes due to the human influence. Thus in the year of 1883 the railroad reached in Yellowstone and more and more tourists managed to arrive there. This fact has led to the construction of hotels like “Marshall” in 1880 or “Mammoth” in 1885.

The packs of wolves are not common in the wilderness of this park, since in the period of time 1910-1926 there were killed over 126 wolves, including their babies. This event happened in a federal program established in order to control the predators. On the other hand, if you go and visit Yellowstone Park, you will see that there are many goats in large numbers. One of the places that gather the goats is Gardner River Canyon, between the entrance from the north of the park and the hot springs Mammoth or Jackson Grade.

We suggest you to take a look along the road from Gardiner High School and Corwin Springs, Montana, because you will be even more amazed by what you have seen. In the north-east corner of the park, called Silver Gate and Butte Creek there are many other animals waiting to be visited. Another population of this park is represented by the buffalo of the areas of Madison, Gibbondar and Firehole, Hayden Valley and Pelican Valley.

In case you have time and money, you should think about going and visiting Yellowstone Park. Apart from its history, you will find so many animals there, that you will forget about the civilization and the rules of the society for a few moments!

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