If you still don’t have enough reasons to visit Washington DC, the list of touristic attractions goes on with the following ones.

In the north, the most famous building in Washington is waiting for you. As you have already guessed, it is The White House that I am talking about and it is needless to mention who lives there. The enthusiasts of the interior design will appreciate the visit and will enjoy the free tour inside. 

Without any doubt, Washington is a city of culture, which shines at an international level. It has many high quality museums, some of which are among the most popular in the world. Do not miss the world’s most visited museums, such as: The National Air and Space that is dedicated to the history of aviation and space conquest. 

Washington hosts the Smithsonian Institute, which is the largest complex of museums in the world! It was founded in 1846 with the money of English man, called James Smithson. This generous gesture was made in order to spread and extend the knowledge and therefore, its purpose was achieved.

Today, 142 million exhibits are recorded in 16 parks and museums, within this institution. Most of these museums are in the Mall between the Capitol and the Monument of Washington. The others are located on the outskirts of town, accessible by the public transport. Note that all these visits to parks and museums, as well as to the zoo are free! So here’s another reason to visit Washington DC! You will see a lot of things without paying anything! 

The climate of the American capital is influenced by the continent and by the sea. The seasons are strongly marked, but the climate remains difficult to predict from one day to another. For instance, spring is a good time to visit Washington DC. The city is blooming and the day temperatures are more than agreeable, that is between 14 Celsius degrees and 18 Celsius degrees. But spring is not the only good period of the year.

Autumn is also a great season to discover the city, as highlighted by the splendid colors of the trees. It’s true that the number of tourists is smaller in September and the average temperature is 21 Celsius degrees, whereas in October it decreases to 15 Celsius degrees. 

The main airports in which you can go if you want to visit Washington DC are Dulles International and Baltimore-Washington International. Once you have reached, you should know that Washington has one of the best public transport systems in the U.S., so you will easily reach to any corner of the city, using the bus or subway.

After all these pieces of information, I am sure that you are now convinced that you should go and visit Washington DC at least once in your life!

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