If you are planning to visit Washington DC, but you don’t have enough reasons, we suggest you to take a look over the following piece of information! First of all, it is an incredible and unique city. It is famous worldwide and was designed in 1791 by Pierre L’Enfant at the request of George Washington, the father of the nation. He wanted to have a neutral federal capital at the end of the War of Independence.

This is the reason why he decided to choose the capital in an as central place as possible between North and South, taking over the territory of two states, one in north and one in the south. Therefore, the states of Maryland and Virginia have seen left without of 260 square km, in favor of a new entity, the District of Columbia (DC). In order not to confuse it with state of Washington that is placed in the north-west of the country, they called the capital “Washington DC.”

Designed to accommodate to the federal government and institutions of the United States, Washington has been carefully designed to provide a grand scale in terms of architecture and urbanism. Even today, Washington is a city where you can live with pleasure. Its boulevards are wide, bordered by trees, monuments and administrative buildings very well maintained.

Discovering and visiting Washington DC it can start with the main buildings and monuments. The most important ones are located in the Mall, the oldest federal park in the country, which covers several square kilometers. At each end of the park you will find a monument admired by hundreds of visitors.

To the east, you can visit the famous Capitol, the main place of the U.S. Congress; to the west, you can see the statue of Abraham Lincoln. In the center of the Mall you can see the tallest building in Washington, an obelisk of 186 meters height, built as a tribute to George Washington. Do not miss the magnificent image of the city from the top of the obelisk, where you can reach by taking a special elevator.

Nearby you will find the Memorial of the War of Vietnam. The black wall of 150 meters length, there are engraved the names of 58,156 Americans that have been killed or disappeared during the war.

You should definitely go and visit Washington DC, mainly if you have the opportunity to do it! This unique experience will completely change your plans and life expectations!

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