When you hear about South Carolina, I am sure that the first idea that struck your mind is not related to sunny beaches or history, but to the name of someone familiar to you. Carolina is a beautiful word wide-spread around the world and for a couple of year, it became an important state in the USA. We invite you now to find out more about it and maybe start planning to visit South Carolina.

South Carolina, according to its official name, State of South Carolina is a state located in the southern side of The United States of America. The Province of South Carolina was one of the thirteen original colonies that revolted against the British colonial government during the American Revolutionary War. The state was officially accepted into the Union as the 8th one, on 23rd May 1788. The name of the state was chosen, according to the sources of Carolina Colony in 1663, after King Charles II of England, according to which corresponds the Latin name “Carolus” (Charles in English). Pretty interesting, isn’t it? And watch out what other important facts about South Carolina we have prepared for you!

According to the estimations in 2004 the population was around 4,198,068 people. As you could already notice, it is not a big country and its population is not so numerous, so you do not have to worry about the crowded places.

As far as the name of South Carolina is concerned, there were several U.S. Navy ships that have been named “USS South Carolina”, in honor of the state.

Apart from the navy, there is also a range of lakes that are spread over 1,770 square km. We are introducing to you a list with some of them: Lake Marion, Lake Strom Thurmond (or Clarks Hill Lake), Lake Moultrie, Lake Hartwell, Lake Murray, Russell Lake, Lake Keowee, Lake Wylie, Lake Wateree, Lake Greenwood, Lake Jocassee and the list does not end up here.

We only wanted to raise your interest and convince you to visit South Carolina, because this experience will help you a lot. There are many other unique attractions to see in South Carolina and you will be more than completely surprised after having discovered them. Visit South Carolina and do not waste your time anymore on deciding where to spend your holiday or change your living for ever and for always!

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