Before planning to visit Seattle, there are a few important pieces of information that you should be aware of. First of all, Seattle is characterized by mountains and water. Add to these details the Lake Washington to the east, Elliot Bay and Puget Sound, a branch of the Pacific Ocean and to the west Duwamish River that flows into the bay and the of Lake Washington Channel that crosses the city.

The Mountains Waterfall rising in the east and in the west on the other side there are The Olympic Mountains. The wonderful attractions of the city don’t stop just to the amazing landscapes from the top of Space Needle, but includes also the surrounding views.

Secondly, the area near the water and the Public Market called Pike Place are some of the most favorite destinations both for the tourists and for the locals. Here are the famous fish throwers, fresh food and many shops, located just below the market. There is a secret that we are going to reveal to you: once you have arrived in Pike Place, look for the original Starbucks coffee. You will not regret having done this!

In case you are not among the very lucky tourists and it happens to you to get some bad rainy days, you can visit some of the museums such as the Seattle Art Museum, Seattle Asian Art Museum, Henry or Frye Art Galleries, The Olympic Park of Sculptures, Wing Luke Asian Museum, Museum of History and Industry or Flight Museum and a lot of other art galleries. The visual arts are well represented in Seattle, so do not miss the Pacific Northwest Ballet, Seattle Opera or any of the acts that are played in the city.

For those of you who visit Seattle and don’t like to be part of the theatre there are alternatives such as the Egyptian Cinema in Capitol Hill and Grand Illusion in University District that run more artistic films or older ones than in conventional theaters.

With an area of 3165000 square km, Discovery Park is the largest one in Seattle and its landscape consists of a variety of ecosystems, old forests and large sea shores. From the shores you can enjoy a high panoramic view of mountains, ocean and city.

In the same park you have the opportunity to see also West Point and Daybreak Star Indian Cultural Center and not only these. Fort Lawton Military Base that is on the point of being given in the use of civil people. And another secret of this park is represented by the wildlife spotted here, such as eagles and pumas.

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