In case you wanted to visit San Francisco a couple of years ago, you should have looked for it under the name of Yerba Buena (Good Grass), because this is how it used to be called. It was a Spanish fishing village with 400 inhabitants, situated in a natural port. About 75 years later, when in 1849 the west coast region became a territory of the USA, the town was named San Francisco after the old Franciscan mission nearby.

The city expanded rapidly and this is due to the fact that the rush for gold from 1849 has given birth to such a rapid migration, that the seekers almost fell into the Pacific, in desperate search of a new life. The population increased to more than 300,000 inhabitants.

They came from the west and from the east too – thousands of people have run from the famine from China in order to work hard on the railroad in 1869. Meanwhile, the Chinese workers suffered great injustices. There have arrived immigrants from Japan too, but they have established a separate colony, opening their own business in the Western Addition neighborhood, which was later known as Japantown.

The modern city retains the relationship between materialism and money on the one hand and, on the other hand, revolutionary and political ideas toward progress. In 1950 the movement appeared in bohemian North Beach neighborhood of Little Italy, helped increase the city’s artistic importance. The cultural current against the rules became in the neighborhood called Haight Ashbury (this is now called “Haight”) during the “Summer of Love” from 1967 and the gay community have fought for their place, which was chosen to be in the streets called Castro and Pelk, where they managed to lead a peaceful life.

The Internet industry of the city has increased rapidly. San Francisco is the financial capital of the West Coast and in the meantime it is an important gate to the Pacific Ocean.

Tourism is a basic industry for San Francisco and it brings billions of dollars for the city each year. The Bay which is right between the Golden Gate Bridge from the West and San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge to the East is now home to 14 smaller islands, including Alcatraz, Angel, Yerba Buena and Treasure. This is the perfect destination for an escape from the city, so this is why you should visit San Francisco.

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