Located between the Schuylkill and Delaware Rivers and opposite to the Camden, New Jersey, Philadelphia is the largest city in Pennsylvania and the fifth largest city in the United States.

You should visit Philadelphia, the birthplace of the United States and the original capital of the nation (1790 – 1800). The city was founded in 1682 by an English man, member of the Religious Society of Friends, William Penn. He created the colony as a purpose of a “holy experiment” – that is the land of tolerance and religious freedom. Many persecuted settlers came here and Penn named the city with the Greek term of “brotherly love”.

During the late nineteenth century Philadelphia was known as the “Workshop of America”, because of its cotton factories, the manufacture of textiles the factories with steam-based machines that have led the country to the Industrial Revolution.

Today, the health care system, the medical education (one-sixth of American doctors are being trained here) and the service industries such as tourism, finance and legal services and insurance are the vector of the economy of the country. The high technology industries such as the medical technology and the electrical components are increasing.

Many of the most famous attractions of the city and the country are in the center: The National Historical Park of Independence, Liberty Bell, The Hall of Independence (where in 1776 was signed the Declaration of Independence) and the Center of the Constitution, in honor of the Constitution of U.S.A.

The Colonial Philadelphia was also the house of a great statesman, called Benjamin Franklin. It was the founder of the first hospital in the country, and the first library too, to the fire brigade and the university.

In addition to the places full of history, “Philly,” as locals call it, has also artistic and cultural concerns, with a famous orchestra, museums and excellent restaurants known world-wide. The Kimmel Center for Performing Arts is the shining jewel of the city.

Over 100 multi-ethnic neighborhoods give the city a vibrant atmosphere, from the flaring Italian market until the Afro-American festivals and jazz and blues clubs, to traditional Amish communities that sell products and foods in The Reading Terminal Market.

If I were to visit Philadelphia, I think I would not have enough time to see and enjoy every single place of this amazing city. It already impressed me by what I have read about it.

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