Orlando is a city made up mostly of theme parks. By 1966 there were few to be seen in central Florida, but the area began to flourish with the great flow of tourists attracted to Walt Disney World.

From the Magic Kingdom opened in 1971 after a five-year program, Disney has added three more theme parks, two water parks and lots of construction, including hotels, shops and golf courses to create a real “universe.”

With Disney as an example, World Marina and two city parks, Universal Orlando increased its reputation as the world capital of entertainment for families. All these attract 40 million visitors each year, which means a huge profit for hotels, restaurants, shops and lots of smaller attractions.

However, this young city has its own identity, hosting a number of high technology industries. Central area of the metropolis gets features and there are plans to transform it into a great cultural center. The city is among top five locations for conventions.

If you find tiresome theme parks, Orlando has the most relaxing attractions.Museum of science and the art is impressive. Since NASA is not far away, you can visit the park missile morning and will spend the afternoon relaxing on a beach nearby, and Cocoa.

Areas where you can dine are also centered around various themes, or on a particular historical period or on a specific ethnicity. Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament in Kissimmee will give you the opportunity to make a knight defends honor gallery girlfriend. Disney Pleasure Island celebrates New Year’s Eve every night with laser lights and dancing in the street. Church Street Station in downtown is a “pot” of activities and foods with various clubs and restaurants.

Shopping areas are as varied as local attractions, a must souvenirs.

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