Before you visit Oregon, let us give some specific information about it. Oregon is a state of the United States of America located in the northwest, in the region called as “The Pacific Northwest”. This region makes borders in the west with the Pacific Ocean, in the south with California and Nevada, to the east with Idaho and to the north with the state of Washington. Its northern border is made by the Columbia River and its eastern one is made by Snake River.

Two mountainous ranges oriented from the north to the south are parallel to the coast of the Pacific and their names are Pacific Coast Range and Cascade Mountain Range. Willamette Valley is situated between them and it is one of the most fertile and productive regions in the world.

Oregon has one of the most diverse landscapes and it is one of the most interesting geographical components of the 50 states of the USA. It is known for its forests full of species of coniferous, which are rare and very high, but also for the coastal regions of the Pacific Ocean. Its semi-arid regions with very poor land are a lot less known. As far as skiing is concerned, Oregon is one of very few places in the northern hemisphere where the ski-lift service is always open, no matter the season.

The population of Oregon was 3,421,399 people in 2000 and according to this fact, the United States Census Bureau estimated that total population of the state would have reached 3,594,586 in 2004. As you can see, Oregon is a crowded state that you could even move to in case you want.

And because we were talking about moving, there are some facts about the climate in Oregon. Firstly, it is influenced largely by the Pacific Ocean. The climate is generally mild, but there are periods of time in which parts of the state may be affected by heat and cold. The rainfall varies across the state, from the deserts in the east, such as Alvord Desert, to the west coast. Most of the population of the state is located in the west, where the climate is mild and it often rains.

As far as so many people prefer to go and see Oregon, I think it would be a good idea to visit Oregon you too, because this experience will come with a lot of new perspectives in live.

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