There have been composed so many songs about New York City, that I think that almost anyone wished at least ones to have the opportunity to visit NYC. This amazing city has been strongly promoted around the world as a result its population is proportional to its celebrity. I had been wishing to visit NYC ever since I was 5 years old and I couldn’t make my wish come true until now. This is why I suggest you to go for it, in case there comes any opportunity for you to visit NYC!

Its skyscrapers outline the streets in which over 8 million people live and walk every day until their offices. They say New York is the capital of the entire world and maybe it is. The official name of it, “The City of New York” and abbreviated NYC is specific to the most populous city in the United States. For more details, we invite you to share with us the most interesting sights that you can catch if you visit New York.

1. The American Museum of Natural History
Here you can see the dinosaurs! Plus about 36 million other things, from rocks to Brazilian stones. Do not miss the Hall of Biodiversity and the diorama animals and village life.

2. The Central Park

Opened in l859 with the design of Calvert Vaux and Frederick Law Olmsted, the 843 acres of Central Park’s city is a miracle, an oasis of green surrounded on all sides by tall buildings. Bethesda Fountain in the park includes many attractions, such as: Loeb Boathouse Restaurant, Wollman Memorial Ice Rink, Meadow Sheep.

3. Empire State Building

Although it is not the most beautiful skyscraper in New York (the title was already won by the Chrysler Building on 42nd Street), Empire State Building is undoubtedly the most iconic, rising to 443 meters ambitious on the 34th Street and bathing the night in carefully chosen lighting conditions.

4. The Frick Museum
Built in 1914, this mansion of 18th century is specific to the houses built in French style and includes an intimate collection of art, mostly European. Much loved for its privacy and the relative lack of crowds of people, The Frick Museum is visited by New Yorkers who want to enjoy the quiet work of Rembrandt, HolbeinVermeero, Veldzquez, Titian, El Greco, Bellini or Goya. Go, take a look and improve your knowledge!

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