New Orleans, the largest city in Louisiana, was founded in 1718 near the mouth of the Mississippi River, which was then called La Nouvelle Orleans, in honor of Duke of Orleans.

The Europeans discovered it in 1699 when Pierre Le Moyne and Jean Baptiste Le Moyne de Bienville, two French monks set foot here, during a mission of reconnaissance in Mississippi. The land was populated only by nomadic tribes of Native Americans, so the two were not interested initially about the territory.

After almost 20 years, in 1718, Bienville returned and founded the city Nouvelle Orleans. The marsh place did not attract too many settlers at the beginning. Coming from France, Canada, Germany, they brought with them a lot of slaves, but the economy was stepped out due to the harsh conditions. The state of Louisiana becomes a burden for France and in 1767 it is sold to the Spanish people. In 1800 Napoleon buys it, but in 1803 it is sold to the United States for fear it might fall into the hands of British people.

Within 40 years its population has increased 10 times and the city became a major industrial and commercial center. It was in charge of the distribution of people and goods to the north on the river Mississippi and around the whole world through the Gulf of Mexico. It went through fire and epidemics, but continued to grow.

Due to its very wet climate, the water from rain should be quickly evacuated because the soil gets saturated and it becomes unstable. In New Orleans the dead are not buried but placed in tombs above ground. In 1910, the engineer Baldwin Wood has perfected a system of pumps and today those pumps are found too. They guide the rainwater into the Lake Pontchartrain and a network of dams prevents the flooding of the city from the Gulf of Mexico or from the Mississippi River.

I suggest you to visit New Orleans, a city that expanded greatly and now has many beautiful parts. One of its neighborhoods is called “French Quarter” and the style of the houses is higher than in Spain. “French Quarter” is one of the most visited places in America with its architecture, picturesque streets.

The best choice would be to go and visit New Orleans! The words are countless and insufficient to describe its beauty and originality!

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