We would like to start with the fact that Montana was the 41st state in the USA. It happened on 8th November, 1889 and ever since it didn’t change its status. The abbreviation of the state is MT, so don’t worry if you find it in the tourist guides. Its capital is Helena and in case you are interested in visiting its largest City, you have to go to Billings.

If you decided to visit Montana, you have to know that it is the 4th biggest state in the USA and its area is about 147,046 square miles. Pay attention to what you take with you, because its population is of 902,195 people. As a result, Montana is the 44th most crowded state in the USA. If you are interested in starting a business there, you should consider the farm industry, cattle ranching, mining, oil, lumber and tourism as well.

Montana has a huge range of attractions, among which we would like to mention: Yellowstone River, Missouri River, Clark Fork River and the famous lakes Flathead Lake and Fort Peck Lake. If you want to climb its mountains, we recommend to you Granite Peak, which is the highest peak and has 12,799 feet (3,901 m) above sea level. On the other hand, the Lowest Point – Kootenai River – has 1,800 feet (550 m) above sea level. Montana has 56 counties and it makes borders with the states of Idaho, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming and also with one country, Canada.

This state also has a number of dinosaur fossils in which you may be interested if you decide to visit Montana. Among them there are: Albertosaurus, Aliwalia, Anatotitan, Ankylosaurus, Apatosaurus, Avaceratops. Their names seem to be so hard to be spelled, but I am sure that an expert knows exactly what we are talking about. The list of dinosaurs goes on in an alphabetical order, with: Bambiraptor, Brachyceratops, Ceratops, Claosaurus, Deinodon, Deinonychus, Diclonius, Diplodocus, Dysganus, Edmontonia, Edmontosaurus, Eucentrosaurus, Hadrosaurus, Hypacrosaurus, Lambeosaurus, Maiasaura peeblesorum, Microvenator, Monoclonius, Montanoceratops, Nanotyrannus, Ornithomimus, Orodromeus, Pachycephalosaurus, Palaeoscincus, Panoplosaurus, Parksosaurus, Pleurocoelus, Pterodactyloids, Sauropelta, Stegoceras, Stygimoloch, Suuwassea, Tenontosaurus, Thescelosaurus, Torosaurus, Trachodon, Triceratops,Troödon, Tyrannosaurus, Ugrosaurus, Zapsailis, Zephyrosaurus and so on.

Montana is a beautiful place to visit not only for its natural wealth, but also for its history and amazing landscapes. Go and visit Montana and after returning home, feel free to subscribe about your journey!

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