Today Miami is a city full of emotion, color and texture. It is hot, sexy and stimulates all your senses, as an evidence of the growing Latin culture. Miami is a thriving metropolis, also called “The Casablanca of America”, “The Magic City” and more recently, “Millennium America.” You should visit Miami and choose its best nickname!

These nicknames are surprising the fact that makes it different from other cities of USA – its identity of a truly multicultural city. It is a gateway to Central and South America and the third most popular city for the international visitors (after Los Angeles and New York). In fact, Miami is likely to be more Latin American than just American, according to the latest surveys.

If you are thinking of visiting Miami, you should know that this city is one of the most modern in America – the second largest in Florida after Jacksonville, but the most exciting, exotic and cosmopolitan. Miami Beaches or Greater Miami contains a number of islands and communities, including two cities – Miami and Miami Beach.

Much of the charm of the area is due to its different districts, which extend from the skyscrapers from downtown to the trendy neighborhood South Beach in Miami Beach. South Beach is probably the most recognized area with art deco buildings in colors of candies on the background of the blue sky, pastel sand beaches and palm trees swayed by the wind.

Maybe while visiting Miami, you will be tempted to take a look over the shops in there. We suggest to you Greater Miami, which is a shopping center, financial, cultural and related to sport and entertainment, transport. It is also a touristic center, which is also the main source of income for the city.

Miami is the city where most of the rich people of the world come and do their business. Many owners of restaurants believe that if you own a restaurant in Los Angeles and New York, it is absolutely necessary to open one in Miami too.

The Port of Miami is the largest marina in the world, through which there come more than 3.6 million passengers each year. Besides its importance for tourism, Miami Beach is famous worldwide for the strip of hotels on the “Gold Coast” and the utilities for outdoor recreation.

These being said, we can only wish to you a great holiday if you finally chose to visit Miami!

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