Los Angeles, also known as L.A. or City of Angels, is the biggest city in California and the second one as number of inhabitants from USA, being overwhelmed only by New York City. It is one of the most cosmopolitan places in the world. The people from everywhere have been constantly attracted by its quality and its geographical position along Pacific Rim Gateway, its vibrating lifestyle and its energy and American Dream hopes. This is why you should take into account the idea of visiting Los Angeles!

If you arrive here by plane, you will have a pleasant first impression of the city. From the vast stretch of streets and buildings, there rises a cluster of imposing skyscrapers to mark the center of the city – at 26 km away from the seashore. In the northeast there is Pasadena, in the northwest there are Hollywood, Beverly Hills and Century City, but also San Fernando Valley, in the south you can find Long Beach and along the coast there are Santa Monica, Venice Beach and Marina del Rey.

Disneyland, the most famous amusement park in America, is the most popular place too. The city is also home to many famous cultural institutions worldwide, such as the Museum of Contemporary Art, The L.A. Philharmonic (which is now based in Walt Disney Concert Hall), Getty Museum and Getty Villa.

The visitors come to see the huge Hollywood sign in Griffith Park and the star of Beverly Hills mansions, but also to experience the nightlife of Sunset Strip on the beach, the car culture or just to look the passers.

From classic cars to silicone, LA is the dream of people and thousands of them come here to seek fame and fortune or just to start a new life. Los Angeles is the gateway for immigrants from Asia, the Pacific Rim, Eastern Europe, Mexico and Latin America. LA is actually made up of people from 160 countries who speak 96 different languages.

The city is a mosaic of areas, each one with specific cultures. From the point of view of the history, the South of Los Angeles, predominantly African-American, is becoming increasingly Latino. Popularized by movies and hip hop, it also houses the wealthiest black community in America in the Baldwin Hills neighborhood.

The Crenshaw District is the place for the famous black churches, the first African Methodist Episcopal Church and West Angeles Church of God in Christ, while the area of Leimert Park is famous for jazz, art and culture. Go and visit Los Angeles right now!

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