I am sure that you are now planning your holiday, but you are just confused about which destination you should pick. Let me clear your mind! My suggestion for you is to visit Las Vegas, one of the most full of energy and luxurious places in the world, in which you will feel as a multimillionaire.

Las Vegas was transformed from an arid desert in one of the most extravagant places in the world. Tourists who come here are drawn mainly from gambling, but the entertaining capital of the world has much to offer.

If you visit Las Vegas in the morning, you should start from “Le Village Buffet” where breakfast consists of French dishes such as pancakes and cheesecake, served with exotic specialties such as shrimp. Before leaving the building, do not forget to take the elevator made especially to lead the guests on the roof of the premises, where you can admire the city panorama.

After breakfast there is required a walk and the best destination is downtown that is full of hotels built in a modern style, malls with all tastes and casino products, in this metropolis that has the best offers in the world. After visiting the crowded city, you can escape for a lunch at Red Rock Canyon, a protected area, only 35 km away from Las Vegas.

Decorated in shades of red, Las Vegas is the exact opposite of the entertaining world dominated by the neon light and suffocated by the metal and glass buildings. For lunch, you can delay the return downtown to make friends with the locals at Stoney’s Rockin Country. On Friday and Saturday, consuming beer on draft is limited only by paying a fee of 20 $.

If you go and visit Las Vegas you will see that there are hundreds of shows. Of all, only one should not be missed, especially if you stay in town just for 24 hours. That is the representative of Cirque du Soleil. Also among the events that you can follow in Las Vegas in the afternoon, the show includes the club Bellagio, with water show and fireworks at MGM Grand.

McCarran International Airport connects Las Vegas and major cities in the United States, Canada or Europe and in the southern metropolis of luxury hotels are cheaper and accommodation booked through the internet can bring tourists which are interested in discounts of 50%.

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