As soon as summer comes, many and many people wish more and more to pack their stuff and leave their hometowns. The destinations usually are related to the seaside, to the mountain or to another country! But of all these, the most appetizing seems to be the seaside! Why? Firstly, because you can only visit it a couple of times every year, unless you live right next to the beach. Secondly, because you can meet a lot of people there and you are free to express yourself. And thirdly, because you relax while swimming and refresh while lying in the sun, next to your friends.

And the sea is the most attractive during summer, mainly in the very sunny days! But what should we choose as a holiday destination?

Think of your interests for your final decision when you are interested in visiting the the island of Kauai, because there are many attractions and touristic beaches! If you are lucky to have enough time to visit them all, don’t waste your energy of selecting them, but if you are in a rush, make sure you know exactly what you want to visit!

They are so amazing, that I am completely sure that you would like to visit them all. The beaches of the island are just perfect for walking, yachting, surfing, lying in the sun, fishing, going to picnics and journeys, snorkeling, swimming and the list goes on. Whereas many beaches offer their own distinct advantages, it is important that when you visit Kauai you take into account the safety guidelines every time you go on the beach.

Kauai’s Pacific is a central location that offers some of the biggest waves on the Earth, mainly when they breaking on the shores, so we strongly recommend to you to swim only at beaches with lifeguards on duty.

These include Park Beach, Waioli, Anahola, Wailua, Lydgate, Poipu, Salt Pond and Kekaha. A great advantage in Kauai is that all these beaches are public and some hotels may have private areas that include some beach facilities for guests with special needs, but as long as you go along the public “walkways”, you are free to explore all these special beaches.

Here is another reason to visit Kauai! You have fun, you lie in the sun and you feel free to walk wherever you want! In fact, what else could be better?

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