If you want to visit Illinois, we definitely support you and your choice! Maybe you feel a little bit surprised by our attitude at first, but after reading this article you will understand our reasons!

Illinois became the twenty-first of the states of the United States of America on 3rd December 1818. It is placed in the region known as Midwest. The state is well-known for its large and diverse population, for the balance between its rural and industrial areas, its small towns but industrialized and also for its vast suburbs.

Illinois is the first state known as a metropolitan area and its highly diversified economic base, combined with its central geographical place, gave him the status of communications hub for over 150 years. The very harmonious combination between factories and farms, between urban and rural, is what the state of Illinois managed to do, a sort of a “microcosmos” of the American nation.

Before you visit Illinois, there are some details of which you should be aware. One of them is the fact that Northern Illinois, which was strongly oriented towards republicanism, provided the strong support for the important people that took part into the American Civil War, like Abraham Lincoln and Ulysses S. Grant. It happened both during the war, and after it ended up.

Around 1900, the rapid industrialization of the northern cities of the state, combined with the expansion of coal mining in central and southern state has attracted many immigrants from eastern and southern Europe. Illinois was also a Member of the Union brought a significant share in both world wars, both human and material. A significant number of Afro-Americans left the cotton and tobacco fields of the South and came to Chicago and settled in. They even created a fabulous jazz culture.

If you want to know some extra details before you visit Illinois, let us improve your knowledge! The state was named after the homonymous river, which was named by the French explorers of the area after the native inhabitants of that surface. They were called “Illiniwek”, which means “a tribe of superior men”.

If you are even more interested in the history of Illinois, we recommend to you Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum in Springfield. You can also visit Illinois and its fantastic places like John G. Shedd Aquarium and The Art Institute of Chicago! We assure you will not waste your time!

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