Hoover Dam is a huge dam in the shape of an arch of a circle that is situated on the Colorado River, right on the border between Arizona and Nevada, in the United States of America. It was begun in 1931 and finally completed in 1935. The dam was the largest structure and the largest source of generating electricity in the whole world. This building is located 48 km in the South-East of Las Vegas and it also named after its designer Herbert Hoover.

The idea of building the dam took shape in the late nineteenth century, when people lived in the desert, but they were occasionally flooded by the Colorado River and in order to eliminate this phenomenon, have proposed the building of a dam to stop the water once for all and in the meantime in order to use it for irrigation and to produce electricity. This is truly the best place to visit if you’re interested in what man can achieve and how far technology can go.

Although the idea was a great one, people of Mid-West and East did not quite agree to consume the resources of the federal government for what it was strictly a western people’s problem. Moreover, the water here was as valuable as gold and for this project they had to agree with other six neighbor countries. The merit of this agreement between states is owned by J. Edgar Hoover, the politician who brought to the table of discussion the states involved in the project.

For the construction of this dam there were included four companies who merged into a single one and along with expert geologists, hydrologists and engineers, they agreed on the optimal design. There could be found in the desert a river crossing it and as a result they built for the first time a town with roads and railways, called by the workers Boulder City. Located near the city of Las Vegas, in the few days off that the workers were having, the place served as one of fun and relax, where they spent money on gambling, alcohol and women.

When you visit Hoover Dam, you will find out that the construction of it involved an enormous amount of materials and for its transportation from elsewhere there was required a long time and huge funds were spent. In this way there have been made the first steps in the building of a factory right next to the dam, in order to secure the necessary equipments to raise the dam. Being built under the heat of the desert, the dam came up with another problem.

The builders had to fight against the heat of the sun that was rapidly hardening the concrete, so in addition to the concrete factory, they had to build another one in order to produce ice. This ice could cool the concrete and so the great building was completed 4 years before the planning made by the designers. You see why this is the best place to visit if you want to see man-made wonders, because the dam has a long history, and there are lots of interesting facts to learn about it, while also admiring impressive views vidal viagra. Now you understand why I suggested you to visit Hoover Dam, right?

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