Do you remember that song “Everybody goes to Hollywood”? Well, who would forget about it? And who would refuse to go and visit the place where the most famous people in the world work? If I were to visit Hollywood, I would try to prepare in the least details my holiday! First of all, let me introduce to you some details about the foundation of Hollywoodland.

Hollywood is a district of the city of Los Angeles, California which was founded in 1857. For the early 1900s, several film production companies in New York and New Jersey began to move to the sunny California because of the good weather and longer days. Although the electric light existed already at that time, it was not strong enough to adequately expose a film; the best light source for film production was sunlight and therefore, they moved to Hollywood.

You should also know about The Nestor Company, which was the first movie studio in the Hollywood area. It was founded in 1911 by David Horsley and in that year there were filmed fifteen independent movies. A great start, isn’t it?

The famous Hollywood sign was erected in 1923 and it was designed to promote the new housing developments on the hills of Hollywood. It was initially designed to show the word “Hollywoodland“. Unfortunately, for many years that sign was left to deteriorate and its beauty disappeared day by day. In 1949, the Chamber of Commerce of Hollywood stepped in and offered to remove the last four letters and to repair the other ones. The sign, which was located in Griffith Park, was registered as a trademark and can not be used without the permission of the Chamber of Commerce of Hollywood, which manages the venerable Walk of Fame too.

The famous Capitol Records building on Vine Street, in the north of The Boulevard of Hollywood, is a recording studio closed for public visits, but its unique circular and great
architecture is special because it looks like an amazing stack of floors!

Almost half of the population of the Earth would like to go and visit Hollywood, because this would be a lifetime experience and a small period of celebrity. After going to the places where your favorite actors live and work, you start to feel as a star too, even if it happens for a short period of time!

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