Florida is a member state of the United States of America, located in the South-Eastern side. The region and peninsula were both named by the Spanish explorer Juan that Ponce de León, who arrived on the coast of the peninsula on 2nd April 1513, in a period of time called in Spain “Pascua Florida” that means the Floral Easter flowers or floral. That period coincided with the season of the Easter.

We recommend to you to visit Florida mainly for the metropolitan area in the south, but we have to warn you that there live over 5.5 million people. Another option, less populated with only 2.7 million people is the Tampa Bay area or with only 2.1 million people is Greater Orlando, a place that will impress you.

Florida is a beautiful state and if you get the chance to visit Florida it would be a pity not to know too much information about it. It has a number of 20 Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs). These have been defined by the United States Office of Management and Budget (OMB).

We suggest to you some of the symbols of this state, so that you could get an idea before you visit Florida. Its nickname is “The Sunshine State” and the bird that represents the state is the famous mockingbird. The flower of the state is Orange Blossom and the insect of the state is Zebra Longwing Butterfly. In case you are interested in improving your knowledge, we recommend you the song “Old Folks at Home (Suwannee River)” by Stephen C. Foster.

When you visit Florida you will feel the necessity of eating and drinking something. This is why we recommend to you the orange and the orange juice prepared there. If you want to eat some meat, we recommend to you the Saltwater Fish that represents Florida. It is called “The Sailfish”. On the other hand, the Freshwater Fish of Florida is called “Florida Largemouth Bass”.

I hope I have raised your interest and you will visit Florida! You have to do it for your own development! You should not lose this chance and you are going to be very surprised in a positive manner if you take into account this fact! We hear about Florida every single day and our curiosity in visiting it is justified.

Why would anyone in this world deny the offer to see a different world during his visit in Florida? There is no explanation, because nobody would lose such an opportunity.

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