This time I suggest you to visit Detroit. This city-port in the U.S.A is located on the Detroit River and Lake St. Claire’s border. Both of them are making the connection between Lakes Huron and Erie. It has a population of 1,335,085inhabitants. It is the largest center for automobile production in the world (there are the factories of the famous firms: General Motors, Ford Motor and Chrysler). Also known is Cabo Hall, one of the largest exhibition halls in the world.

The port has a depth of 9,30 to piers and it consists of two parts (Harbour and Marine Terminals) which are linked by several channels. Over Harbour terminals there passes a suspended bridge of 31 meters high. Because it is located in the waterway between Lakes Erie and Nuron and in a very narrow space, the French people called it “strait” (Detroit).

If you visit Detroit you can see the largest concerns of car industry in the world: “Ford”, “Chrysler”, “General Motors”, which led to the development of other industries too (steel, chemicals, construction of machines and tools). In no other metropolis in the world the car industry has such a big influence on the lives of its inhabitants as it happens in Detroit: there, the roads were marked for the first time with white paint, there came the first traffic lights and there was dug the first underwater tunnel for cars.

This was due to the industry that transformed the city in the world capital of car production for the past one hundred years. In Detroit there are established two industrial giants of global importance: General Motors (which includes, among others, the German firm Opel) and Ford. The third power in the industry is Chrysler.

Car industry is deeply indebted to Henry Ford, who in 1903 founded his first company in Detroit. From the beginning, the factory has achieved great rates of success on the market. Until 1927, there were produced 15 million cars from the Ford T model. Henry Ford was a tireless inventor: in his factory it was used for the first time an assembly line. Thanks to its findings, the industrial revolution could be hurried and the workers of Ford factory had the highest salaries in the United States. It happened only because of his skill and intelligence.

You should visit Detroit, mainly if you are a car lover. The history that tells about the whole range of discoveries in this area will inspire you and your vacation will be even more valuable! Detroit is a perfect example of the American glory but if you are looking for a more exotic holiday you might want to consider some places to visit in Delhi. Although India is a long way from home, the trip here will be worth your time. Amongst the most beautiful places to visit in Delhi are the Red Fort, Jama Masjid, Chadni Chowk, Humayun’s Tumb, Lodi Gardens and Qutab Minar. In contrast with Detroit which is dominated by an industrial atmosphere, Delhi is a place of tradition and culture. Both cities are ideal travel destinations and are unique in their own way.

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