Dallas is a young city, full of the vigor of youth. The buildings of modern architecture rise as some trees made of glass in the central area. In 1841 there was only a plan of 20 streets on 256 ha in the center to the South, claimed by a Tennessee lawyer John Neely Bryan. Today it is the ninth largest city in America and the eastern half of Metropolex, the western half is Fort Worth.

Like many other cities, the railway was its key to success. As a frontier with The Wild West, Dallas has earned its reputation of a place for entrepreneurs and brave people. The infamous Doc Holliday started here its career as a dentist, passing to the carrier of gambler and gunfighter. In the 1870s two railroads met in Dallas, forming the catalyst point for the rapid change of the city into a shopping center.

Before the development of finance and industry, the Neiman Marcus store put Dallas on the fashion map in 1907. The Federal Reserve Bank was founded in Dallas in 1914 and then the oil said its own word. The researcher Joiner came across “the black gold” at 160 km to the east of Dallas in 1930. Dallas was already a financial and business center, so it easily became a center of the oil industry.

Despite all the accumulation of business, Dallas knows how to have fun. There have been invented the ice machine called “Margarita” and the chicken “Tex-Mex fajita”. Unfortunately for Dallas, despite its innovative power, the city will be known even more because of a shooting or two. The first one and the most shocking too was held on November 22nd, 1963, when President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in his convertible limousine in the center of Dallas. The second one was fictional, but when J.R. Ewing was shot by an unknown killer in “Dallas” television series, all the 130 countries that were broadcasting the show have been shocked.

But Dallas always looked to the future. The transport proved again to be a vector of development in the 1960s when, along with Fort Worth, decided to build a new airport (Dallas-Fort Worth International). Also if you visit Dallas, you will see the largest bronze monument in the world, called Dallas Convention Center.

Whether you visit Dallas in gentle winters or in hot summers, the city has both modest apartments for rent and The Mansion of Turtle Creek, one of the most famous hotels in the world. With 10% of the workforce involved in the industry of hospitality, Dallas is a really friendly city that will catch your attention from the very beginning.

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