If you are planning to visit California, here are some attractions:

1. The National Park Death Valley

Located in the heart of the Mojave Desert, The National Park Death Valley enjoys the distinction of being the lowest, hottest and driest place in America, with hot summers that can reach up to 120 degrees – in 1913 there were 134 degrees. Its scary name attracts the people from around the world, but what strikes them at the point of arrival is not only the brutality of the area, but also its spectacular and varied beauty, with Deadman Pass and Dry Bone Canyon which is in contrast with the dramatic hills and mountains, like Telescope Peak at 3,353 meters. Under the sun of the desert, hundreds of species of plants and animals are native to this dry environment and forty of them can be found only here and nowhere else on earth.

The Valley is not really a valley, but a block of land that has been consistently lowered between two mountain ranges that continue to grow slowly. More than 10.000 years ago The Death Valley was filled with a fresh water lake and had a depth of 183 meters.

If you want to be offered accommodation somewhere, we recommend to you Furnace Creek Inn, a veritable oasis of natural springs, gardens with palm trees and a golf course with 18 holes. Built in 1927, this historic inn is less expensive than the motel from the next door. You will hear every language in the world around the pool and all the way there you can watch the changing colors of the Panamint Mountains. And during the night, we assure you that you will not be fed up with looking up and admiring the bright sky filled with great stars.

2. The Golden Door

Founded in 1958 by Dean Deborah Szekely from Rancho La Puerta Spa (Mexico), The Golden Door was the first wellness retreat that combined the concept of American fitness with European treatments. Rated consistently as one of the most beautiful spas in the country, its 344 gorgeous acres of The Golden Door are visited year by year by only 40 guests and they are designed in a Japanese style.

All the places of accommodation are designed in a rustic- Ryokan inn style, in a Japanese style that honors your personal space. Each guest has 4 staff members to ensure the necessary comfort, but also a personal fitness trainer. A highlight of the week is the food, the menu is low in fat and salt, but there are not sacrificed at all the flavors of the ingredients that were carefully chosen from their own organic gardens. Here is the ideal place where you can really indulge.

These are just two of the main attractions of California, so just go and visit California because you will love it!

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