If I had enough money, I would go somewhere, in a place where nobody knows me and nobody can reach me. After checking out the last offers, I chose my destination and as a result I want to visit Atlantic City from New Jersey. It is adequate to my personality and I think that I could have an amazing time there. Maybe you too would like it, especially if you have the right amount of money. Actually, I think it depends on the period of time you choose to stay there, rather that the cost of the accommodation and food.

The most popular resort on the Atlantic Coast of New Jersey, Atlantic City offers to all the visitors its vast beaches and a huge range of entertainment, which brought him fame and the name of “Las Vegas of the East”. It has many theaters which make artistic moments every year and in the meantime, there occurs the famous contest “Miss America”.

If you want to visit Atlantic City, you have to note down that most of the places of entertainment, restaurants and shops are on the Boardwalk, a place of promenade on the beach, which is 8 km long and 18 m wide. You can find the history of the city at the Historical Museum.

At first Atlantic City was a quiet fishing village at the end of Absecon Island, until Camden & Atlantic Railroad built the railroad and promoted the area. In the late 1800s the area was a thriving resort. The place for promenade of 8 km length was built in 1870 and became the emblem of the city. Today, all sort of attractions from shops to hotels are lined on the driveway.

Buildings as Trump Taj Mahal are worth $ 1 billion and came right at the seashore. Today Atlanta is among the main destinations in America, where 37 million people spend up to $ 4 billion for its attractions every year.

I have heard so many things already about Trump Taj Mahal that I would like to visit Atlantic City, New Jersey at least in order to see it with my own eyes. The huge amounts of money may scarry me at first, but I don’t think that anyone will say something against me just looking at the building. If one of you can really afford to go and live there for a few days, I highly recommend it to you!

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