In this article, we are going to present you some of the benefits to visit Arkansas. It is one of the 50 states of the United States of America, considered to be part of the southern area. It became a state in 15th June 1836 (the twenty-fifth state of the Union) and it was preceded by the administrative territorial entity called Arkansas Territory. This was an organized territory of the United States, which existed from 4th July, 1819 until the date of admission into the Union.

I am sure you will be delighted if you visit Arkansas. It is bordered by six other countries, with Oklahoma and Texas in the west, with Louisiana in the South, with Mississippi and Tennessee to the east and with Missouri to the north. Its eastern border was defined mostly by the Mississippi River. The geography of the state is diverse, ranging from mountainous areas, as the mountains called Ozarks and Ouachita Mountains to the low lands located along Mississippi River. The largest city and the capital of Arkansas is Little Rock.

When you have finally planned to visit Arkansas, it’s a must that you take a look over the Mississippi River. The reason why I suggest you this is because it forms much of the eastern boundary of Arkansas, except for the lands of Clay and Greene. There St. Francisc River forms the western border of Missouri. Arkansas makes borders with Louisiana in the south, with Missouri in the north, with Tennessee and Mississippi to the east, and with Texas and Oklahoma to the west.

When you visit Arkansas, take a look also over the protected areas of this place. These protected areas include some national parks, as it follows: Arkansas Post National Monument in Gillett, Buffalo National River, Fort Smith National Historical Site, Hot Springs National Park, “Central Little Rock High School National” Historical Site, Pea Ridge National Military Park and the list goes on.

Year by year thousands of people visit Arkansas and until now a lot of them have been satisfied with the services, the accommodation and the views they had seen. You should take into account this positive feedback and visit Arkansas too.

The natural landscapes and the beautiful river of Mississippi will even increase your enthusiasm during this holiday and you will return home much more relaxed and optimistic. Arkansas is one of the most interesting places to visit in the United States of America and you should try it too!

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