Have you ever thought of visiting Alaska? It has an area of 1,717,854 square kilometers and over 600,000 inhabitants. It is located in the northwest of the continent and became the 49th state of the union in 1859. It is also the largest one and the only state which doesn’t make borders with any other state of the USA. Alaska is separated from Washington State by a Canadian territory of 800 km.

Its capital is Juneau, which is situated at the foot of Juneausi Mountains and is the only capital that cannot be reached by land, but only by air or sea. Juneau is the third largest city after Anchorage and Fairbanks and its name comes from the gold seeker Joe Juneau.

The Alaska Peninsula is crossed by the Yukon River. The state was recognized as federal by the USA in 1959. Alaska is the less developed economically compared to the other states of the U.S. Federation. It occupies an area of 1,717,854 square kilometers, in north-west of the Rocky Mountains, with long winters and minimum temperatures that drop to – 50 ° C. It has a population of 698,473 inhabitants and the capital (30,988 inhabitants) is located on the south-east coast of the Pacific Ocean.

In the center of the Peninsula there is The Yukon Plateau, occupying two thirds of the area. The mountains, although having 1500 m, are dominated by volcanic cones that culminate with the top McKinley (6,198 m), the highest one in North America.

After choosing to visit Alaska, you should know that the crowd of tourists is attracted here by the wilderness of the area, where you can enjoy fishing, skiing, or a simple camping trip outdoors, from a rustic vacation at a 5-star comfort.

Alaska is the perfect destination for tourists that are amateurs of outdoor adventures, from climbing the highest peak in North America, McKinley Peak, or going to Denali National Park, that is located next to the ocean.

Every wild holiday in this area begins with a trip by plane, where the guide is the driver who presents you details related to the history, culture, geography of the region. For those afraid of heights there are other alternatives. They may last only one day, to Glacier Bay and Kenai Fjords, the territory of whales.

Besides all that tourists can visit with an air taxi or ferry, there is also Glacier Bay National Park in the South that you should see if you choose to visit Alaska!

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