How many times did it happen to you to wish for a holiday and not to be able to pick the right destination? This is why we have already thought about your worry and therefore, we have chosen the best place for you! Go and visit Akron and you will be the happiest person in the world after taking our advice!

“The City of inventions” and “The Rubber Capital of the World”, as Akron used to be named, was the birthplace and home of the rubber industry in the 1970s. Today, Akron is a cultural center and polymer research, hosting the Institute of Polymer Science, Akron Art Museum, University of Akron, The Civic Theatre, The International Exhibition of Famous Inventors, The Hall of Pro Football Celebrities in Canton, only 20 minutes to the South.

Akron hosts several world-class events. The Golf Competition with the NEC Guests and Soap Box Derby take place there. There is also hosted the Ohio Ballet, the Akron Symphonic Orchestra and The Hall of Interpretative Arts “EJ Thomas” that brings songs from Broadway and many famous artists in the city. Akron also hosts Akron Aeros, THE baseball team “Cleveland Indians`AA”.

If these pieces of information were not enough for you, try searching some pictures over the internet with what you can see if you visit Akron and I am sure that you will understand what we mean! The USA offers a huge range of destinations, but many of them are very expensive and too crowded. Maybe you are looking for something more chill, more relaxing and less noisy. We do not guarantee to you that this will be the most silent place that you will see, but at least you will feel more comfortable if you choose to visit Akron. And if you want your holiday to be truly care-free, then you should compare travel insurance quotes and get some coverage for the time you are away. It may seem like an exaggeration seeing how you’re not going on some extreme adventurous vacation, but there are still a lot of things that can happen, such as health issues, or having your luggage lost. But if you compare travel insurance quotes you can find the cheapest and most advantageous deal, and you won’t have to worry about what could and couldn’t happen.

On the other hand, you will not get bored, due to all its attractions! Buy a touristic guide or ask someone who lives there about the surroundings and you will manage to improve your knowledge in the meantime! If you think this is not enough, try to visit Akron by feet, for as long as you can walk. Apart from improving your health, you will be able to discover all its history and all its amazing places! Sometimes is better to see everything with your own eyes, rather than listening to someone’s stories! I am sure you will not regret having chosen to visit Akron!

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