What should a Riviera Maya tour include?

Riviera Maya, one of the most popular resorts around the Caribbean Sea, is an area full of cultural elements. The region is extremely resourceful, offering all its tourists, regardless their preferences, plenty of things to do and see: powdery beaches, crystalline waters, shopping centers, historical monuments and ancient remains. Even if most people are not aware of this, its name has been given by the ancient Mayan civilizations, which inhabited this region millions of years ago. This means that if you are looking for an adventurous foray in a mysterious world, a <a href="http://www achat viagra inde.olympus-tours.com/tours/riviera-maya/”>Riviera Maya tour is exactly what you need. As soon as you step on this land, you will discover a place filled with mystery, beauty and ancient traditions, which you will be willing to explore right away. If you want to make the most out of your holiday to Riviera Maya, then you should design an itinerary in advance, because there are so many interesting attractions and you would not want to miss any of these. Here are the mandatory points you should include on your “to do” list of this trip:

Visit the surrounding natural landscapes and forests

There are plenty of places with rich vegetation all around the world, but the jungles you will find here are something you need to see, because they are actually unique. Riviera Maya has unmatched views of rare landforms, as well as nature reserves consisting in species of plants and animals that cannot be found any place else. If you are passionate about ecology and environment protection, then you should visit the beautiful protected areas in the region. The incredible flora and fauna will take your breath away, not to mention that you will get the chance to see animals such as monkeys, flamingos, crocodiles in their natural habitat. Furthermore, you can dive in the surrounding waters and swim with marine turtles and whale sharks.


See the remains of the Mayan culture

Riviera Maya is the place that has maintained the best the Mayan spirit, hence its name. This civilization represented one of the first cultures of the New World, so their remains are among the oldest on earth. They lived mostly in the Yucatan Peninsula, and their existence has influenced a lot the development if this region and Riviera Maya is no exception. Nowadays, people who come here are willing to see and explore the numerous ruins inherited by the locals, who take a lot of pride in their past. Among the most popular ruins you should know about Chichen Itza, Coba and Tulum, which annually host millions of tourists from all around the world.


Dive in the turquoise waters

Riviera Maya is well known not only for its amazing waters, but also for the rich water life – the perfect combination for those who are passionate about scuba diving and snorkeling. You can plash around the Xel-Ha, open for tourists who want to explore two of the world’s largest sub terrain rivers. The ecosystem is impressive, and you will definitely want to repeat the experience.


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