Travelling to USA – alternatives and tips

For people living in Europe, travelling to the US has always been a dream, as they can much more easily book vacations in Italy, Spain or Greece than they can in, let’s say, California. Although many people are attracted to individuals hot spots within the USA, such as New York or Las Vegas or the Grand Canyon, the United States are so big and offer so many stunning places to be seen and explored, then there are other alternatives to the usual city breaks that Europeans are used to. For instance, a great way to make the most of your trip to the States would be choosing multi centre USA itineraries, which offer a blend of several destinations and hotspots into one, big trip.  These multi centre vacation are the ideal choice for people wishing to see more of the US, but there are certain factors to be considered before selecting the most suitable package. Here are some tips for making sure that you choose the best holiday for you.

The great advantage of multi centre USA itineraries is that they can be customised to a great level, so the first tip in choosing the best package for you is making sure you select the right travel agency, one that gives you the flexibility and personalisation options that you need. After that, you have to take into account the time that you have at your disposal, because these multi centre vacations are usually longer than the 7 nights packages European holidays usually offer. The more you want to see, the longer the trip will be, so you have to make sure that there is enough time in your schedule before asking for alternatives. For instance, if you want to explore the Big Apple and then relax a little in Florida, then a New York – Miami combination can be done for about 8 nights, while if you want to explore the legendary Route 66 and self drive through the States, visiting all the landmarks on the road, then you will need at least a 14 nights package.


If you like sunny vacations and you want to combine buzzing beaches with bustling cities, then California is an ideal alternative. Combine the two major Californian cities of San Francisco and Los Angeles with Nevada’s Vegas and you will get a multi centre vacation to die for. There are also several other multi centre USA itineraries that can sweep you off your feet, such as San Francisco and Maui combo or LA and Waikiki mix, as well as packages that take through all the East Coast cities, from New York to Philadelphia and Washington DC. You simply have to decide how much time you have and what it is that you’d want to see first, as there are plenty of options and flexibility to work with. In addition, by choosing this type of vacation, instead of the usual one trip-one city deal, you will definitely make the most of your trip to the US.

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