Things you must not miss if you reach Riviera Maya

Riviera Maya is a region in the North of Mexico, belonging to the Caribbean Sea. It has become famous due to its multiple beach resorts, such as Cancun or Playa del Carmen, and its wide range of activities available for the public. Riviera Maya vacations have been very popular in the past years, since the region has started to develop, providing luxurious facilities and diverse attractions. This area has something for each of its visitors, regardless their preferences: social activities, adventure parks, natural spectacles, sports fields, cultural sites and even nightlife. However, here are some of the things you should not miss under any circumstances, in case you choose to spend your holiday in Riviera Maya.

The Mayan world

Millions of years ago, this area was inhabited by the mysterious Mayan civilization, which has definitely shaped its evolution: the ancient traditions have been maintained in gastronomy, social life and even in the locals’ households. It is well known that the Mayans were passionate about agriculture, mathematics and astronomy, so they strongly encouraged technological advances. Their architecture was one of the most sophisticated that has ever existed, especially if you take into consideration that their constructions were made with no automated tools and only through manual processes. The remains represent a genuine proof of how complex the Maya culture actually was, and the ruins from Mexico are considered some of the most impressive in the world: Tulum, Uxmal, El Rey, Chichen Itza and Coba are only some of the ruins you can see in the Yucatan Peninsula. What makes these buildings even more mysterious is the purpose for which they were built: some were fortresses aiming to defend the cities form pirates’ attacks, while others were used as the location for various religious rituals. Visiting Riviera Maya will definitely represent a foray into the past and will help you understand the eccentric world of the Mayans.


Natural and ecological reserves

This area abounds in wildlife, both the flora and the fauna being some of the richest in the world. Various colours and species can be seen at any step, and whether you are thinking about rare aquatic species or unique plants, here you are likely to find all of these. Riviera Maya is the ideal combination between different ecosystems: mangrove swamps, reefs, jungles and beaches. On the land, you will have the chance to walk on the beaches then hike and climb abrupt cliffs, while in the ocean, you can swim then dive, if the waters become deeper. Allow yourself to become an explorer, and dive into the breathtaking cenotes around Yucatan – these are rare landforms the Mayans used to consider sacred places. You can take part in nature and wildlife tours: visit Sian Ka’an Biosphere, (“heaven’s gift”), one of the world’s most valued UNESCO Heritages. It is dedicated to life preservation, aiming to support one of the most resourceful biodiversity in the world. In case you feel overwhelmed by the amount of activities, then you can use the services of a professional guide, who will help you discover the most amazing surroundings of Riviera Maya.

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