Things to consider if you travel to Cancun

Cancun is a famous beach resort in the South East of Mexico and annually millions of tourists from all around the world come here to spend their dream holiday. The sunny city from Yucatan Peninsula has managed to become one of the most popular resorts in the world due to its natural landscapes and various attractions. Regardless the season, people choose Cancun as their holiday destination because it has a warm and sunny climate which makes it the perfect resort all year long. The weather is mostly tropical and humid, ideal for sunbathing and swimming in the turquoise waters which surround the island, with average minimum temperatures of about 25° C in the winter months. For this reason, weather should not be one of your concerns when you choose the timeline of your vacation. In the past years, due to the development of infrastructure in the area, this location has become accessible to more and more tourists.

Even if Cancun International Airport was inaugurated years ago, its peak was reached in 2014, when almost 18 million of tourists were registered, an increase of about 10% compared to the previous year. The airport is the second largest in Mexico, as far as its capacity is concerned, which means that security level is very high. It has two operative runways and links to most of the main airports in the United States and Europe, so you should not be worried about not having a travel option, no matter where you live. As soon as you land you will be overwhelmed by the luxurious facilities and friendly staff, specially trained to receive international tourists and impress them from their first seconds spent on the island. Furthermore, in case you are wondering how you can get around the area and visit additional resorts, you should know that there are various transfer Playa del Carmen Cancun or Tulum options, and you can choose either public transportation or private companies. You can go by cab or by bus, because the distance is not long and the price you will have to pay is extremely affordable. As you can see, wandering around Cancun is easy and cheap, and all you have to do is plan your itinerary and enjoy every second of your trip.


In terms of things to see, if you reach this area you must not miss the Maya ruins, an amazing attraction for those who are fascinated by eccentric civilizations, and not only. The remains of the ancient buildings are impressive due to their sophisticated structures yet rudimentary methods used to create them. Another unique objective you have to visit during your staying in Riviera Maya is represented by the cenotes – some rare landforms similar to underground lakes with rich vegetation and fauna. You can jump, dive or simply swim in their turquoise waters, while you enjoy the genuine natural beauty of the surroundings. Do not forget about the most popular water sports in the area, diving and snorkelling, and about the wonderful beaches, because these represent the key element of an unforgettable holiday.


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