Places to Visit in Portland

If you go on a trip in Portland or find yourself in Portland due to any other occasion, maybe you can get the chance to check out some of the places to visit in Portland on the list below.

Japanese Garden

The Japanese Garden is situated across from the International Rose Garden and it represents the perfect place to go for a break, no matter what you are taking the break is from. The Japanese Garden abounds with sculptures, plants, ponds – it just seems a totally separate world from the rest of Portland. Serene is the best word to describe this garden. The Japanese Garden is open daily, 7 days per week.

Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI)

Oregon Museum of Science and Industry is one of the best places to visit in Portland. It offers a variety of things to see, such as wonderful exhibits for children (some of them being even interactive to draw children’s attention). It is not only a great place to learn something, but it is also a fun place to visit. Within the museum there is also an Omnimax theater, where they play educational movies and fun movies, as well. You can also visit a planetarium  inside the museum – Kendall Planetarium.

Oregon Zoo

Oregon Zoo is a great place for the whole family to visit, no matter the age, the pleasure is just as big. Therefore, it founds itself on our list of places to visit in Portland. At the Oregon Zoo you can see an overall of 1,880 different species of animals, of which 270 are species of mammals, there are also reptiles and birds so that you can admire the exotic wildlife.

Portland Art Museum

Portland Art Museum is the oldest museum in the Pacific Northwest. The museum offers shelter for more than 35,000 art pieces, while their collection is permanently changing as some of the items are loaned to other museums and they receive other new pieces. The museum is closed on Mondays, being open from Tuesday to Saturday. If you want to have a chance to see European art and sculptures, African and Asian artworks and other interesting works, you should know the price of an admission ticket is $15.00, but it is totally worth it.

Portland Saturday Market

This is one market you should not miss if you are ever in Portland; it is a must on the list of places to visit in Portland. The market offers a variety of handmade crafts and arts, and stalls with food that is specific to the location.

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