Most popular cars in the US

When exploring the culture of a foreign country, many tourists focus on museums, landmarks, festivals and cuisine, but culture is something much more complex and it can be seen in many other things as well. Take the United States for example. If you travel there, you’ll see that Americans have a huge interest in cars; not only have they given the world some of the most iconic vehicles (Ford, Jeep, Honda), but they’ve actually invented them! So, it comes as no surprise that while in the US, you’ll see many car museums and the average American is quite the car aficionado. But what cars are the most popular?


Honda Civic

Let’s start our top with the bestselling car in the US so far, Honda Civic. Although it’s not the most outstanding on the list, neither in terms of design nor in terms of performance, it is a great allrounder that caters for many types of drivers and many age groups. Also, it’s a reliable vehicle, which is why if you go to the US you’ll see it many times on the street.


Porsche Cayenne

Porsche Cayenne is another popular car in the USA and looking at a few photos of it, it’s not hard to understand why. Combining a classy design with great performance, space and reliability, this is a car for individuals and families. Although it’s more expensive, Edmunds claims that Porsche Cayenne is one of the best cars to be bought second why, which is why so many people can afford it.


Toyota Corolla

From the moment you step foot on American soil, you’ll see that there are Toyota Corollas everywhere. In fact, car experts estimate that almost every American has driven or been in a Corolla at least once. This car has a polished, executive look, without being expensive, which is why so many people choose it. Moreover, it’s quite versatile and adapts to family lifestyle easily.


Ford F Series

Family cars are great, but Americans have a soft spot for trucks and SUVs – so much so that they’re often included in promotional travel videos. One great example is the Ford F series, which is both practical and imposing. Perfect for challenging off-road conditions, this car is also ideal for long road trips on the American highways. And, coming from an American car company, it has become an icon of American lifestyle.


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