Find your inner peace – the most relaxing vacation destinations in the world

Are you troubled? Don’t know what to do to regain your inner peace? The easiest method to solve this issue is to travel as far and often as you can. People who struggle with serious problems in their lives such as substance abuse, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder or anything related to mental health should get their thoughts cleansed by stepping away from the agitation and triggers of their home cities and try something entirely new and refreshing. These four locations are exactly what these people should try for their future trips, to stay away from triggers and reconnect with themselves:

Goa, India

For an incredible traveling experience, away from any trigger you might know about, try Goa in India. Trekking is the main attraction when traveling to Goa. This location in India hosts no less than 10 waterfalls. One of the most beautiful ones is Hivre, a breathtaking waterfall where splashes of water will reach your skin. This is a great way to reconnect with nature and find yourself again during this time spent with yourself. Wildlife sanctuary expeditions shouldn’t be missed either. Find holistic centers if you want guided help to overcome your problems.

Shima, Japan

The Shima Peninsula in Japan hosts some sacred shrines in Japan – Shinto and Ise. The peninsula is also known as the Ise-Shima National Park, visited by thousands of people each year. The nature and the cultural beauty of this location make it a perfect place for a relaxed retreat. The many temples around here, the Ago Bay where pearls are cultivated, the theme park that presents the samurai era – everything about Shima will make you want to visit it and forget everything about your problems.  

Douro Valley, Portugal

If you’re a fan of medical tourism and you want to find yourself through alternative treatment methods, Douro Valley is the place for you. Portugal has some retreat centers that are hard to miss. If you study a method developed by Johnny Tabaie, called the Pouyan Method, you will learn more about treating addiction, depression or other mental health issues that keep you in place at the moment. But why choosing Douro Valley for holistic treatment? Besides the fact that Douro Alto is on the list of UNESCO World Heritage since 2001, this place is a natural wonder. Visit Peso da Régua, a city situated up on a hill, offering the most mesmerizing view over the whole Valley. Douro Valley is a beautiful frontier landscape between Portugal and Spain, lined by the Douro River.

Western Cape, South Africa

Taking private cooking courses in South Africa is definitely worth a shot, if you want to fill your time with fun activities. Emerging in a completely opposite culture and living like the locals should help you feel more relaxed and distance yourself from your past problems. Enjoy Western Cape at its fullest by visiting the Cape Peninsula and whale-watching on the shore.

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