Facilities that every luxury vacation villa should have

Buying a luxury villa in a location that you love is a great idea for perfect vacations. The costs might be high, but the experience is definitely worth it. For example, Algarve is a trending destination where real estate is relatively affordable right now, but it is expected to increase in value in the following decade. Those who buy luxury villas there are making a good deal, because they can rent them when they are staying there and thus get a return on their investment. Needless to say, you are saving money in the long run because you don’t have to pay for hotel accommodation. If you want to buy your very own luxury villa, make sure you include the following facilities, because they will raise the value of the property and assure you the ultimate comfort level.

A huge swimming pool


What would an Algarve villa be without a swimming pool? Granted, this region already has plenty of breathtaking sandy beaches where you can relax, but a private swimming pool is great when you are looking for some peace and quiet on your own property. Algarve villas with pools are more expensive, but the price point is definitely worth it. There are plenty of swimming pool designs that you can choose from, but the most impressive and luxury one is by far the scenic infinity pool. This is usually more than 15 meters wide and is built on the roof, offering superb views of the Algarve. Such a pool is an incredible way of relaxing and spending time with family and friends without having to go to the beach.


Sauna and massage


Do you want to add a Zen vibe to your Algarve villa, a sauna and massage room should be included on the facilities list. Most people who go on holiday to the Algarve aren’t looking just for sandy beaches and crystal clear waters, they also want to recharge their batteries after a stressful year, and what better way to do this if not by relaxing in a sauna? You can create an oasis of relaxation in your own villa, complete with soothing music, aromatherapy and Feng Shui decorations, and forget about work, stocks and meetings. Your villa will be like a small temple far away from the things that cause stress.


Game room and cinema


Not everyone who buys Algarve villas are looking for meditative facilities. Other owners, especially young people or families with children and teenagers, want to also include some entertainment options. If you are one of these owners and have an unused spacious room, consider creating your own game room and cinema where you can meet up with friends and have fun when you don’t want to go outside. Place a huge flat screen monitor on one wall and place armchairs, sofas and bean bags around the room to sit on while you watch a movie or play on consoles. Fill the remaining empty space with pool, darts, foosball or board game tables.

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