American cuisine and African cuisine – differences you will notice during traveling

Are you planning to travel to the USA or some part of Africa in the future? Then you definitely need to get informed about the traditional cuisine of each location you want to visit. American cuisine is totally opposite when comparing it to African cuisine. Each of these has specific features that make them special, and you will need to try the traditional dishes of each in order to understand their beauty. This mini-guide will present some of the main features of American and African cuisine to help you understand the differences between them and what makes them special. From Djibouti food to traditional Buffalo dishes, you will learn all the facts here:

American cuisine

American cuisine is full of influences from all around the world, but you probably know that there are some dishes that are considered exclusively American. The cultures that contributed to American cuisine range from German to the Caribbean. Across the country, you will find traditional dishes such as chicken wings made the buffalo way, a dish invented in 1960 and remains the same since then. Fast food Is a big part of American cuisine, even though the dishes might not be as fancy as in restaurants. Tater tots and hot dogs will have the true American taste only on the native lands. For a distinct American food experience, make sure to try dishes such as apple pie, barbecue ribs, and hamburgers. The food is quite diverse, but it’s not the healthiest. The popularity of fast food in the USA is indisputable and the variations of restaurants that sell it are definitely noticeable.

African cuisine

African cuisine suffered influences as well, but the food here is more exotic, meaning that you should be a bit adventurous to try authentic food in these places. Compared to the USA, African food is mostly based on spices. You probably can find some African dishes in the USA as well, and vice-versa, but they won’t have the genuine taste. If you have the chance to visit some parts of Africa, you will surely enjoy dishes such as Piri Piri chicken, Muamba de galinha (Muamba chicken) or ful medames. These dishes are from different parts of Africa, and most of them are very old. Keep in mind that you can find many fusion restaurants in Africa as well. Djibouti hosts many luxurious restaurants that serve dishes from all around the world. It all depends on what you expect from your travel experience.

African-American cuisine (Soul food)

Soul food combines traditional cuisine from West Africa, Europe, and the Americas, especially the USA. The dishes range from deep-fried chicken that is served next to European-adapted waffles. Fried fish is also an African-American specialty. Soul food uses many vegetables as well, from greens to beans and combined with pork parts for flavor. The principal ingredient in soul food is represented by black-eyed peas and rice. Sweet potatoes are often used as well. For bread and grains, cornbread and grits are the starts of African-American cuisine, and they both have a Native American origin.


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