3 reasons why you should visit the Lake District

If you are planning in the near future to take a trip to the United Kingdom, then you should add Cumbria to the list of places to visit. The ideal spot to get away for the summer and for weekend breaks is the Lake District. This place is located in the centre of the region is home to a variety of independent shops where you can buy beautifully handcrafted gifts for your loved ones. You can also get out and experience the great outdoors, the scenery being picturesque. In addition to the charming market towns and villages, you can find a great number of luxury hotels in the Lake District at fair rates. To put it simply, if you want to enjoy cosy accommodation options and to experience a relaxing minibreak, this is the place to be. If you are not yet convinced, here are three reasons that may change your mind.

List of endless photographic opportunities

The Lake District is actually England’s largest national park and some people even consider it to the most beautiful one in the world owing to the magnificent scenery that includes valleys, woodlands, mountains and of course lakes. It is needless to mention that the mountains and the lakes are of an unparalleled beauty. The physical landscape of mountains is the result of 500 million years of geological processes. There are many climbing opportunities, but be aware of Scaffel because this high mountain is a real challenge. If you find hiking on the mountain to be hard work, then you can simply take a lakeside stroll. But why are there so many lakes? Well, the explanation lies in the fact that the volcanic rock does not allow the water to escape. You should keep your eyes open for foxgloves and other attractions of nature.

No shortage of places to stay

The good news for tourists is that accommodation is not a problem. Although you have cosy options like cottages and shepherd’s huts, you can choose to stay bin a more modern setting. More precisely, you have the opportunity of staying in a luxury hotel and enjoy being pampered. Why not enjoy both the rustic setting and the comfort of a hotel room. Since most of them are located near the mountains or on the banks of rivers, rent a van in bristol, you will not be separated from your beloved nature. On the contrary, you have a comfortable shelter that can even include a swimming pool and easy access to cultural attractions and road and biking. You will be just a few minutes away from the town centre.

Dining in style

Cumberland is also home to William Wordsworth old office. The office is tucked away in the town market of Ambleside and luckily for you the old office was transformed into a bijou bistro. Besides the fact that the restaurant has a great atmosphere, it provides you a unique menu as well. The menu is practically a combination of Mediterranean influences and local food. The main purpose of the restaurant is to offer an unprecedented culinary experience, bringing you lesser known dishes. Whether you choose shellfish or rare-breed meat, the experience will be delicious.

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