10 places to visit in New York City

1. The Statue of Liberty. This is less than you saw on TV or in magazines. You can take the ferry up there (some stop to go down, others stop by to take pictures). You will feel like being on the top of the world, or at least, on the top of NYC.

2. The Central Park. You can start from street 59 5. You will see many horse carriages, many cyclists and runners (who have their track), nice and neat places, beautiful trees, many interesting things (people who play jazz, the violin, flute, dancing). Just go there, walk down and you will see what I mean.

3. 5th Avenue, the famous street that almost anybody all over the world knows about. When you’re in Central Park, you can take a walk on the famous 5th Ave. Stores known as Chanel, Gucci, Armani etc., And Zara, H & M, Gap, beautiful blocks, high (as Trump Tower), wide streets, clean.

4. Broadway. Go there for a walk and you will see how soon your thoughts will arrange in a great order. The places where there have been played so many shows with famous actors, is now visited by a lot of people walking on the street all day long, curious New Yorkers and tourists. The street is wide, has bicycle lanes, you can often find areas with tables and chairs where you can sit down to rest, read, admire the city.

5. Times Square. Go and see it at night! You have to enjoy the light show from Times Square or your life was useless until know. Maybe you’ve seen movies with huge ads on high buildings, but it is worth staying on Broadway by night, to see them in reality.

6. Brooklyn Bridge. Besides walking on a bridge made famous, will have a tremendous view of the city.

7. Take a walk through downtown. You can see where once stood twins. You can walk down to Wall Street. Not far away you can see the South Street Seaport too. You should not miss them for anything in this world!

8. Discover how to see the city from a tall building. Before tourists climbed the World Trade Center and felt the world over (on top of the world). Now you can climb the Empire State Building or Rockefeller Center. Try it!

9. Visit a museum. When you’re in New York does not hurt to take the luggage and little culture. You can go to the Metropolitan Museum, The Museum of Modern Art, Museum of History. Pick one and improve your knowledge!
10. Take the ferry and get on the other side of the Hudson River. Skip Hudson and see Manhattan from New Jersey tonight. It is a wonderful sight! And after reading this article and going to NYC, please subscribe!

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